Case Study – Burbz

Digital marketing for PropTech startup that focuses on property management.

Burbz Keyword Growth
Burbz Case Study

SEO & Content Marketing

Upon an initial audit, we noticed several technical and on-page SEO issues.  These issues were preventing Burbz from gaining much traction.

Today, Burbz has successfully launched a content marketing strategy that generates more organic traffic than paid.

Project summary

Burbz had tried several freelancers/contractors and agencies to address their SEO efforts.  Unfortunately, none of them delivered on their promise.  Adzing Digital Marketing was tasked with increasing their organic traffic and conversions, focusing mostly on content marketing.

The Strategy

Having failed with any previous traction, our team started with a thorough audit to identity all issues preventing any type of success.  Once resolved, our team could proceed with content creation that honed in on their ideal client-type.  


  • Clearly identified primary target audience: landlords with 1-10 units that wanted to hire a property manager.
  • Identify primary client problem:  they often hired bad property managers
  • Determined relevant / helpful content:  guides for landlords per state, how to’s

Proven Results

For the first time, Burbz ranked in the top 3 for important keywords such as Free Rental History Report.  This resulted in significant traffic and registration growth for Burbz.  Several blogs began ranking in the top 3 that increased traffic and lead to email opt-in conversions.

With the 5x of increased traffic, Burbz  can now reduce their custom-acquisition-cost for paid ads due to retargeting.

We continue to work with Burbz and expanding our services due to the success of SEO.


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