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How Adzing Came To Be


Prior to starting Adzing Digital Marketing, Kenny was a co-founder for a startup.  After experiencing several marketing agencies that failed to deliver, Kenny decided to take control of their marketing efforts.  Overtime, Kenny continued to meet other founders who ran into the same leading; leading him to create Adzing Digital Marketing.

This led to our founding values.

    Kenny Dahill Adzing Digital Marketing Services

    Our Values


    Marketing can be life or death for businesses.  Without value, we are wasting your time, money and energy.

    Clear Expectations

    Both parties need clear expectations for desired actions and results.  Our onboarding sets that in motion.


    The beautiful part about marketing: data doesn’t lie.  We provide insights into your website and business.


    Adzing Marketing continues to build our team with ambitious personal-developers.  Like marketing, we want individuals to continue to reinvest in themselves to grow new skills. 

    Kenny Dahill


    Joshua Lee

    Marketing Strategist

    Hugo Vasquez

    Design Specialist

    Marketing Agency Needs

    Why We Turn Business Away


    This may sound crazy.  Not every company is a fit.  More importantly, not every company needs our solutions.

    Part of our value for transparency and value is being honest.  There are businesses that think they need a particular marketing type but, in reality, they don’t.  Far too many agencies take on clients knowing that SEO or PPC is not going to solve their problems but they either want or need the sales.

    Not us.

    During our early strategy conversations, if we feel there are a better opportunity and use of resources then we discuss that.  Our intentions are to help businesses find more success, which never starts with misleading.


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